Be respectful to your fellow players!

Griefing and Stealing are NOT allowed.

Any form of Cheat or Hack is NOT allowed.

Keep builds to a quality and eye appealing standard.

Don't make the terrain look unnatural. For example: No superflatting.

That's it! Easy right?


Website Under Construction

Announcement | 2018-03-13

The website is currently being remade. Please forgive us for any inconvenience this may cause. You may continue to use our forum as usual without disruption.

Happy Holidays!

News | 2016-12-25

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you had a good one.

Trick or Treat!

Announcement | 2016-10-02

October is here. Trick or Treating is back! Will you be tricked or will you get a treat?

Try your luck! /trickortreat info [number] /trickortreat list are the commands to find trick or treat locations!

SyroCraft: Now with Discord!

Announcement | 2016-06-21

We now have discord! Join for free! No registration required, (but it's a good idea!)

Download the mobile app, PC client, or just use your computer browser!

1.10 is here!

Announcement | 2016-06-17

Should have posted this earlier, totally forgot. But it's here and ready to play!

If we had a TeamSpeak server, would you download and use it to chat with other players? [Poll]

News | 2016-06-17

Answer this poll to give us an idea!

1.9.2 is here!

Announcement | 2016-05-13

We've made it! We're finally on 1.9!

1.9 is coming!

News | 2016-05-03

We're staying on World 2.

But A LOT is changing!

Server updated!

News | 2016-02-01

We've updated the server to 1.8.8 now! This update comes packed with a ton of fixes!

Where did all the posts go?

Announcement | 2016-01-12

I (Codewow) programmed the ability to post these stories on the fly if need be.

Yay! :D