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Welcome to Syrocraft!
Hey there! Welcome to Syrocraft!

We are a Semi-Vanilla Survival Server. Basically that means that we are mostly survival based, however we also offer a few other things that make our server unique.
We have a few Mini-Games such as Survival Games* and Spleef. We also integrated some survival challenges as well. We built some custom Dungeons and Mini-Dungeons that offer a variety of unique rewards for those who survive...

In addition to these, we also host seasonal and world events throughout the year. Seasonal events celebrate holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, while World events are more involved with the server's lore.

The Rules can be found here:

Disclaimer: If you are a troll, griefer, rule-breaker, or you piss us off in any way, you will be quickly dealt with and subject to total server humiliation.

Things you should probably know:

Drop on death is off in the Overworld and in the End. In the Nether however, if you die, you WILL lose your items.
PvP is also enabled in the End / Nether. (And no, this DOES NOT give you permission to grief there)

In order to do anything on our server, you must register for Build-rights on either our MCF thread or our website. We have many reasons for doing this and honestly, it takes only a few minutes. After we grant you your build-rights, the quickest way out of spawn is to use the ships at spawn**. Each ship has a warp point on it.

Ranking up follows a similar process as registering for build-rights. There are 10 ranks, each unlocks a perk or command to aid you in playing on the server and each rank is increasingly more difficult to get.
Rank 1 (Build-rights) gives you the ability to use ./back and to set 5 homes via ./sethome <homename>. To return to a home, simply type ./home <homename>

We also offer a few perks for those who are willing to help us support the server via donations Such as ranking up faster, and custom titles which can be switched to at any time via ./warp titles. Some titles can also be unlocked in game as well but tend to be much harder to get.

Useful Links

Website: http://syrocraft.com/
Rules: http://syrocraft.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2
Rank Info: http://syrocraft.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=3
Build-rights: http://syrocraft.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4
World Map: http://play.syrocraft.com:8123/

*Please note that any death threats made during Survival Games or any other PvP type scenario are not to be taken seriously. Many of our players are simply very competitive. (Especially OMF)
**You can quickly get to the ships via ./warp visitor

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