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The Ultimate Dungeon Guide (Syro 3)
Work in Progress! (Mainly because I forgot their names and haven't unlocked them yet!)

----Table of Contents----
Intro and General Tips

Illfang Necromancer


Mother Spider
Enchanted Wraith

Vorpal Bunny
Devil King (Coming Eventually)
Dungeons are designed to give the hardcore combat oriented players a unique and fun challenge. Each boss has unique combat mechanics as well as unique drops. Ever wanted a weapon that can poison all enemies around you? Or a magical stone that grants you the ability to levitate? Well... the bosses have a chance to drop those items and more!

Everyone has access to 2 boss fights initially. Sinarthra and Vandred. You also have access to the 'boss of the month' fight which is randomly chosen at the start of each month. You can access these bosses via the ./warp command. The rest can be unlocked by completing expeditions (which drop from the bosses, the wishing well, and voting).

General Tips:
1. Don't be a noob and go in armorless. You'll only experience a very painful and gruesome death.
2. Utilize Bane and Smite enchants! Sharpness 5 Deals 10 damage to all mobs. Bane and Smite enchants deal 19.5 damage to Spiders and Undead respectively. That's double the damage!
3. Bring potions. Splash heal 2s are especially useful. Not only can they save your life, but they also deal a ton of damage to undead enemies!
4. Bring a group. Some bosses (like Helix) can only be defeated with a group (Unless you're Gorbertster).
5. Strategizing can really help you out. If mobs are super fast, try hitting them with a slowness potion. If you need to outrun for kiting purposes, use a speed potion!
6. The knockback enchantment can often be both helpful and harmful. In some cases, it is super useful when trying to keep mobs off your back. Other times it can lower your dps as you now have to constantly run towards the boss.

Difficulty: (Very Easy)

=Rare Drops=
-Spidersilk Armor Set (Unbreakable Leather Armor. +2 Max Health, +1% Movement Speed)
-Amulet of the Spider (+6% Movement Speed, Special: Nullify the speed effect on the nearest target)
-Easy Expedition

=Common Drops=
-Cobweb (16)
-Fermented Spider Eye (16)
-Wool (16)
-Chicken (8)

-Summons more spiders every so often. Her children move faster than her, but are much easier to kill.

-Can easily be soloed with a Bane 5 sword (Don't use knockback).
-If you are in a group, have your highest dps fight Sinarthra while the rest focus on adds.
-A bow might be useful to knock her down if she starts climbing the walls.

Difficulty: (Easy)

=Rare Drops=
-Viking Armor Set (Unbreakable Chain Armor. +2 Max Health, +.07 Knockback Resistance)
-Viking Blade (Unbreakable Iron Sword. +2 Max Health)
-Easy Expedition

=Common Drops=
-Oak Log (16)
-Spruce Log (16)
-Iron Ingot (8)
-Chicken (8)

-Killing the 3 adds he spawns with causes him to become enraged and greatly increases his movement speed.

-He's undead. Use a Smite 5 sword for best results.
-One strategy is to ignore the adds, and only target Vandred to avoid his Berserk ability.
-In a team, have one person pull one of the adds and kite it around the arena while the others defeat the remaining 2 adds and Vandred. This will prevent him from using his Berserk ability.
-If you have the Amulet of the Spider from Sinarthra, you can use it to nullify his berserk effect!

Difficulty: (Easy)

=Rare Drops=
-Fighter Armor Set (Unbreakable Chain Armor. +2 Max Health, +1 Attack Damage)
-Amulet of Strength (+1 Attack Damage, Special: Grants you Strength 1 for a short time)
-Medium Expedition

=Common Drops=
-Granite (16)
-Diorite (16)
-Hardened Clay (16)
-Chicken (8)

-Killing the adds he spawns with causes his attack damage to increase.

-He is undead. Use a smite 5 sword for best results.
-He is slow compared to other bosses. Using a bow with knockback, you can avoid his heavy hits.
-In a team, have 1 person agro the boss with a bow, and run around the arena while the others can safely deal damage to him.
-Weakness potions may be helpful when it comes to nerfing his heavy hits.
The Illfang Necromancer:

Difficulty: (Easy)

=Rare Drops=
-Clipper Armor Set (Unbreakable Chain Armor. +2 Max Health, +.02 Attack Speed)
-Sword of Light (Smite 5, Fire Aspect 2, Sweeping Edge 3, Iron Sword. Special: Harms the nearest undead)
-Medium Expedition

=Common Drops=
-Coal (16)
-Iron Ingot (8)
-Book (8)
-Chicken (8)

-Every so often, he summons a chain of spikes on the players.

-He is undead. Use a smite 5 sword for best results.
-Keep moving to avoid the spikes he summons!
-In a team, have 1 person agro the boss with a bow, and run around the arena while the others can safely deal damage to him.
-Keep in mind, he is a wither skeleton. Watch out for the wither effect if you get hit!

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