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Minecraft Feature Suggestions
We all have things we'd like to see in Minecraft. List your suggestions below!
Also, if there's a way to get this list to Jeb... Let's do it lol. (We can dream cant we?)

Basalt / Marble (Black and White stonebrick variants)
Dyed Planks
Blue / Green blocks to fill out the color palate more.
Steps and slabs of every "building" block.
Corn. (2 block tall crop) Simply put, it would make farm fields look epic.

Cave variants. Huge openings, flooded caves, crystalline caverns (colored glowing crystals/ore)
More ore. Even if it has no use other than building and "something new to find"
More tree types and leaf colors. Fall colored leaves, possibly flower / fruit variants as well.

Fix the river biome so that it's wider and deeper. Water actually flows through it 100%.
Mountain Ranges that are huge and difficult to pass. (long time to climb / mine through) Possibly generate like rivers do, on the edge of biomes.
Bamboo forest / oriental biomes. We were promised pandas and cherry blossom trees after all!
Have existing biomes utilize the new flower types.

Creeper variant that always explodes when killed. (dangerous to kill with a sword, must lure out of your town before killing it!)
Faster hostile mobs. Something that can outrun the player that is difficult to kill.
Stronger hostile mobs. Things that do legit damage to a fully geared player.
Zombie horde spawn chance. Chance for a huge group of zombies to spawn in with increased view distance.

Food health regen nerf. If the player isn't moving / hasn't been in combat for some time, regen at current rate. Otherwise regen much slower.
Protection enchant nerf. It should NOT protect against fire, poison, wither, ect. Currently the "fire protection" enchant useless because prot does the same thing but better.

Allow us to replace existing structures with our own. (so we can fix the derps mojang calls "villages") (Trees too if possible)
We need Asians as a mob/villager variant.
Since we're getting new "Magic" based Mobs. I want even more...

We have witches, let's get mages - with variants!

Fire Mage:
- Passive mob that defends itself with fire magic.
- Casts fireballs at attackers.
- Sets attackers on fire with a Damage Over Time debuff (stacks with flint and steel)

Corrupt Fire Mage:
- Corrupted by an endermite.
- Casts fireballs at players and hostile mobs.
- Sets players and mobs on fire with a Damage Over Time debuff (stacks with flint and steel)

Ice Mage:
- Casts frost spikes at hostiles.
- Chills the enemy slowing their movement with a debuff. (Maybe freezes them for a short duration)

And more but it's getting late Q_Q
Give us access to the "Mob size" variable...
Polar bears should be tameable and horse armor should be renamed to something other than horse armor and be enabled for use on both horses and polar bears.
Also.. polar bears should be mountable like horses... that would be awesome.
A way to fix the 1.9 combat update. (and make it actually balanced / used)

First off tools have been seen as such for 6-7 years now. Giving axes shield break doesn't really make people use them more. A 'battle axe' (even if it's the same thing as an axe minus log cutting) would actually see people using it. Same thing with hoes if they added daggers.

Sword swipe splash hitting your friends if pvp is on and you're fighting a zombie somewhat sucks. An option to disable sword swipe would be nice. (maybe a hotkey?)

Something you could also do, is have 2-3 variants of the sword. Longsword (slower but more splash damage on the swipe attacks) the normal sword (faster but low splash damage) and a shortsword (vanilla sword, no splash (or just use daggers))

And now for the balancing.
Food ie steak, should NOT act as a gapple during combat! If they added a combat tag, ie (if in combat, don't rapid heal). Quick healing outside of combat like it is now is ok.
Protection should NOT protect from poison, wither, fire, lava, falldamage, drowning, potions, ect ect. Leave that for the other respective enchants. Prot can protect from arrows SLIGHTLY but not fully like they do now.

Potions should work similar to arrows when held in offhand. If used, it will drink another in your inventory before the offhanded one.
Mountable polar bears… It doesn't get much better than that.

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