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Map concept thread
For every map concept I create I will upload the image here, note why I chose this concept, etc.

Starting out with this one. 3 continents. Similar to World of Warcraft, two continents side-by-side. The third one being below it. The two side-by-side continents consist of "regions" The number of regions aren't equal in this case, simply because i'm just generating ideas.

The lower continent is one large region. My idea is to use this as a large god-like area. Where two or three factions (non-player factions) control the lands and players are eventually (at max level) set out to defeat these factions whom are hell bent on destroying everyone.

The area would contain raids, dungeons, and all the usually MMO related stuff. A single neutral city where both player-factions can go to do business, and other things. This will be where the first quest in the continent would be obtained. Branching out from here into smaller camps and forts spread throughout the region.

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For this map, I went with two large continents (1, 4)

Reason being is that it's easiest to separate factions into two continents than it is to do one big continent.

Number (2) are a pack of islands. Likely being used for PvP and other end-game content.

Number (3) is left open for later additions. (Expansions).

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