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Transparency Report 6/22/15 (Updated 6/9/16)
As part of our obligation to be the best server ever. I will begin doing transparency reports on server payments. This one is the latest payment.

This report only includes server hosting for Minecraft and does not include website hosting, nor buycraft. Why is this? Because those payments come directly from my pocket and not from donation funding.

Attached is a [redacted] version of the invoice.

Redacted for privacy and security of course.

Any questions let me know!


Current Donation Fund Balance (After Purchase for Dec-July)

Invoice of Payment for another 6 months of server time:

July 2016 Server Payment Notice

As of July 6th, the next payment for the server will be due.

This time around, some changes are being made. I've decided to go ahead and start billing the server annually.

It's not a huge change, but it's a good change. It's also about $50 less a year than paying bi-annually, which is even better!

As always, thank you to everyone who has donated to the server and kept us running for 3 years already and now for another year coming up!

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