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Rank Information
[NM] Non-Members: Have access to a small area in which they are free to build and pvp in. Can apply for Member or can play for a while and earn the member rank.
[M] Member: Anyone who has applied for Member status. They get access to the entire world and all of it's fun.

[Elite] Is a rank for the veterans who have been a part of the SyroCraft community.
[Mod] Gains a variety of commands meant to police the server, including worldedit.
[Admin] Highest position on the server other than Owner. Basically runs the server when the Owner isn't available.
[Owner] Codewow, owner of SyroCraft.

Application to Join:

In-Game Name:
Tell us about yourself:
Tell us about your Minecraft Experience:
What about us stood out to you?:
What is your Minecraft skillset?:
Rate your building skill from 1-10:
What are the server rules?:

Add a screenshot of a build you are proud to have made (Optional):

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