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Server Lore
This is the server's current lore. It will be updated as more is discovered and revealed...
Feel free to ask questions and discuss it below!

Pre World 1:
It is know that there were "Ancient Civilizations" before this time, however they have seemingly vanished, and their technology lost. Very little is know about these ancient people.

World 1:
Upon the discovery of the "End" our heros also discovered more islands in the end. One of which was home to "General Doomskull." A skeletal pirate. Before he had a chance to strike, our heros took the fight to him and quickly disposed of him.

A short time later, demons began attacking every town and city on the continent. Led by their "Demonic Overlord," and having resurrected "General Doomskull" as a corrupted minion, they had nearly wiped out every town and city on the continent. Unfortunately matters got much worse. The demons accidentally released "Herobrine" from his prison. In an all out battle to the death, the heros managed to defeat Herobrine and the demons, however the continent was badly damaged and was no longer habitable. Our heros left their home in search of a new one. They sailed east, to a new continent.

World 2:
Upon arriving on the new continent, our heros were captured by a group of Vikings where they met a few others who had been captured before them. There they learned of the "Traitorous 5" and how they took control of the Viking town of Valdrfjell. The heros joined with "Captain Hrothgar, Frida, and Skrauti" to overthrow the traitors and reclaim their home. The Vikings became the heros ally and helped them to build a settlement on the new continent.

Mysteries / Unexplained things.
"The Cult"
"Captain Dudar"
"The Ancients"

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