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World Event 3 (A New Age Begins)
One year after venturing to the new world in search of a new home, our heros are now living peacefully with their new allies, the Vikings to the south, and other surrounding towns. Unfortunately, peace will be short lived as the world becomes much bigger.

Wow it's been a while since our last world event. But nonetheless, we're starting off our first ever World Event on World 2 with a bang. A really big bang...
This is going to be a 5 part event, and much different from our previous world events.

Part 1: This will be the typical world event style. Waves of enemies, and the players must work together to obtain a total server killcount of (undetermined amount) to move on to the next part.

Part 2: This is something new. We are releasing a Mega Dungeon or "Raid" where you will take the fight to "them." You WILL need a large team and it is highly likely that this cannot be soloed. Though you are welcome to attempt to solo it though!

Part 3: "Destruction"

Part 4: "Acquisition"

Part 5: "Creation"
Just a little "Sneek Peek" for you guys Big Grin


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