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Dungeon Info
Okay, dungeons can be a bit overwhelming with all its features at first but you'll get used to it. There are several drop types that can be found in dungeons.
*note Not all features are fully functional yet.

Reagents are items that are used for creating custom potions and custom items. Their name will be in Teal and they will have a blue (Reagent) tag on them. Reagents are usually combined with other items to create something otherwise not obtainable in Minecraft.

Dungeon Tokens are the main currency of dungeons. There are several Tiers of this currency however at present time, only Normal is implemented. These Tokens can be used to purchase items via dungeon vendors, or to craft / upgrade items. The ability to convert tokens to in game cash may be added in the future.

Some recipes can be obtained as rare drops from certain dungeon mobs (usually bosses) or they can be purchased from dungeon vendors. Recipe books will tell you what items you need and what configuration to put them in.

Custom items can only be crafted via custom crafting stations. One can be found in the dungeon hub.

Occasionally you may find a custom item that is not a Recipe or Reagent. These are usually rare drops from bosses and are usually combined with Reagents and / or Tokens for a variety of uses.

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