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SG and Minigames Info
To get to our MiniGames lobby you can type ./warp lobby

Sometimes if you play SG it may wipe out your inventory. To be safe, you should clear your inventory before you play.
Our SG stats page can be found here!

To start a dungeon, grab some combat gear and head over to the dungeons area of the lobby. Choose a dungeon and push the warp button. In the start room, you can choose what difficulty you wish to play on (Currently only Normal) then push "Start Dungeon" to start the dungeon. As you progress in the dungeon, mobs will spawn. eventually you will reach a locked door of some kind. Killing the boss will yield a key that can be used to open the door and continue deeper in the dungeon.

Dungeons have custom drops which are used for a variety of things. More info can be found in the Dungeons sub thread.

Currently only Spleef.
To play spleef, set your bedspawn in the lobby and push the button. One person must be designated as player 1, the others choose a spawn point on the back wall.
When everyone is ready, player 1 pushes the "reset arena" button to reset the floor and then push the "start" button to start the match.

Coming Soon
Our 4th slot is coming soon.

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