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Valderfjell Crypt
Use this thread to discuss strategies, guides, and drop-chances related to the Valdrfjell Crypt. Feel free to comment on it, ask questions, ect.

*Lore info: It is pronounced Valder-fell.
Valdr means wolf, and Fjell means mountain.
The town was named after the Viking's god Lok'Val who is often called "The Mountain Wolf"

The town's king was slain by Vandred Skyborne, the leader of 5 traitors who seized the city for themselves. After our heros (That's you, the players, and our other signature lore NPCs like Historian Minas) traveled to this continent in search of a new place to call home since world 1 suffered a cataclysmic disaster and was rendered un-livable, they teamed up with Captain Hrothgar, Frida the Herbalist, and Skraulti the Navigator to end the reign of the Traitorous 5. The Vikings became the heros first allies and the adventure in the new world had begun.

The bodies of the Traitorous 5 were left to rot in the back catacombs of the crypt to be forgotten...
I tried out this dungeon, sadly it was normal difficulty. BUT i managed to beat every single boss. From what i have exp. best strategy is to use your surroundings. Thats what i used throughout the whole battle. Looking forward to completing the dungeon in a harder difficulty next time Big Grin
Using the surroundings is one factor that is always so very difficult to work with. Minecraft AI works so weirdly with blocks that it makes it so much more challenging as designers. If we could get 1.9 now, I bet chaos would churn out those harder difficulties. They'd be easier to implement with those new command blocks.
That is true.... I'de look forward to the harder difficulties in the future Wink

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