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Map Concepts/Design
Since a few different things hinge on the map that will be used, I think having a place to flesh out those ideas would help. This thread would be a place to collect everyone's ideas in one place. I'm brand new so I'll keep quite on lore/location ideas for the moment, until I have a better understanding on the direction things are going.

As for right now, I do have some technical thoughts and questions. First, I'd assume that a pre-gen'd map would be necessary, but there are some questions I have.

Pregenerated to what degree?
How large of a map would be needed?
How much of the world needs to be built by hand?
What version of Minecraft will be used?
What is the max file size that the server can handle?
Will player's be allowed to build? If so, where?
Will standard generation be used, or will another algorithm?

I'm more than willing to help out on this topic myself. The true first step, is to craft the right world to use, before any building take place.

Current Map Concept
Pre-generated /entirely/ (other than buildings and other features we can handle in-game with some creative tools.)

The map should be pretty large. We're going by zones. We've set a goal for 25 zones total, but the number is subject to change and will definitely change as time goes on.

A decent portion of it will be built by hand or with some editing tools at our disposal. Mostly buildings, some natural features that need to be tweaked/moved/etc.

The exact version is undecided as of right now. So we'll leave that one open. I can say that the current mods/plugins are running on 1.8 Forge.

As of right now, the main aspect of the server will be to experience the story and have fun playing with each other. We will not leave out ideas of player housing, guild housing, and other creative aspects of the game. But as of right now, we don't have any plans for building.

The world will be painted by hand using tools that can be found on the web. WorldPainter for example.

Chaoswizard98 has a concept layout for the world on paper right now, he will be transferring that over to an image tomorrow and posting it. Until then, continue to think of ideas of what we can do.

Also take a gander at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qs4y...sp=sharing it contains some information that might be valuable. You can also comment on there if you want.
Sounds like a plan

There are ways to have multiple maps used on a server. I think it would help relieve some pressure if we went this route. We can tweak zones separately or even introduce new zones. Or zones as they are completed. The flexibility will help us. I really think this is something that should at least be looked into. Yes, a player would have to warp into each zone, but it would allow better creative control of the zones and allow them each to be larger.

I am used to working in creative mode, but I'm willing to learn 3rd party tools in order to help.

1.8+ seems to be the right way to go pertaining to versions.

Having separate zones would help us introduce housing, guild, and PvP zones at a later date, instead of having to reshape the existing world. Not that it's an immediate goal, but there are existing plugins that will help in this area.

I'm reading through the concept paper now, I'll comment as I think of things.

[Edit] After doing some research, I think running the map in Adventure Mode with clever use of command blocks will suit our needs the best. It's amazing what can be done in that case. It could also help cut down on the amount of custom plugins needed. Still need to do more research though.
Okay so here's the map I drew up. I changed a few biomes since we were lacking a jungle / desert. Blue dots are Accord starting cities, and red is the Legion. The dots do not accurately represent where the cities will actually be in that zone.

I'll build a few small examples of each biome later so we can see what the terrain will look like. I also left out ponds, rivers, ect. This is only the base zone map.

The entrance to the Core should be located in the costal cliffs where the water meets the cliffs. Probably have a hidden dungeon down there that leads to the core.
I'm liking the map. I'm thinking we may need another island or two zones somewhere. Something that players could quest into. Could also be have one be where the first raid is located (exterior) and where players would enter from.
(08-11-2015, 06:02 PM)Codewow Wrote: I'm liking the map. I'm thinking we may need another island or two zones somewhere. Something that players could quest into. Could also be have one be where the first raid is located (exterior) and where players would enter from.

I agree Code
Here's my addition to the concept based on my "Island" suggestion.
Originally there was a larger island (maybe 3ish zones) on the left side of the map. But I ran outa paper room...

I still think the entrance to the core (nether zones) should be located in the center of the map (where the water is at, "costal plains")
I think the entrance itself should be locked, and you should have to venture to the island and go through the raid to get through the door.
There are 3 planned raids which each have an antagonist as the final boss. Other bosses will be developed later on.

Kazzul, Doomskull, BarkRipper. (Barkripper really needs a new name)

Bark would be the first boss. Kazzul would be the second and Doomskull the final. Doomskull could be behind the locked Core entrance. Which will obviously need to be breached somehow via the second raid.

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