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I know I haven't really played since last October with the Halloween stuff, but I just wanted to say thanks, not only to Code and Chaos (and all those other admins/mods) but just to those few of you who stuck around for a while (honestly if you are reading this you are probably one of those). I recently went off to college and have found myself, for the first time ever, without much free time. It seems at the moment that minecraft is finally over for me. I haven't been motivated to play survival, creative, or minigames of really any kind for months now and I haven't even been interested in any of the updates since 1.8 really (Today was the first time I opened up the client in at least a month). I don't think I'll be coming back more any significant amount of time again, but I want to thank everyone who played with me throughout the years.

I remember how I first found syrocraft, it was the end of my freshman year of high school and a friend of mine wanted to find a server we could play on over the summer. I searched for about a week until I came upon syrocraft. I think its been about 3 1/2 years since then and I can't really remember anything I really disliked about syro. From world 1 (at least I think it was 1) to the strip club up a pony's butt to when we had that wizards plugin (the race for max level for the ability to ride dragons still makes me laugh) to that other sex dungeon (thinking back we had a lot of strip clubs over the years), I want to thank you all for the fun times.

That all being said, I hope to find time to hop on every once and a while to talk with whoever

PS - I finally got a mic, bit too late but whatever
Oh good you finally got a mic!
We set up a discord channel if you want to pop on every once in a while to keep in touch! Check the syro main page for the link.
Best of luck in college! It's been a pleasure!

It's been fun, Smurf! It was a pleasure having you in the community.
Like Chaos said, we have a discord server if you ever want to hop on to say hi.
Good luck, and have fun!

I know exactly where you're coming from smurf since i moved in not too long ago, but its been a pleasure grinding all the op items with you.
best of luck

~ Gorb

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