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Re:Re:SyroCraft 3 - 1.9 Overhaul
Drop on Death:
On everywhere, except protected towns, event areas, and Spawn. Dungeons are a case by case basis.

Will be removed and replaced with an (unbreakable) elytra. Potentially obtainable in-game from an encounter.

Wishing Well: Include more and different items, more useful, with possible unbreakable elytra drop.

Town Ranks gone.
Town perks, almost all gone.
Towns will still receive a town warp, town protection from pvp, Drop on Death, and mob spawning - all optional.

Recommend Town Qualifications: 3 - 5 Buildings, A meeting area (town hall, town center kind of thing), and a warp area (where users would /warp into which players will unlock by visiting the town and manually clicking a button to unlock them.)

Open World PvP:
On everywhere, except protected areas. (Drop on Death still active)
Exceptions: Certain PvP areas.

Removing numbered ranks - used specifically for prestige.
New ranks added: [NM] Non-member & [M] Member.
Member rank gives all perks with these exceptions -
Being removed:
  1. /thru
  2. /asc & /desc
  3. /fly
  4. Global Shop discount.
  5. Max Homes (Being reduced, will now cap out at 5-10)

Difference between Member and Non-member:
Non-members are users that have not registered and have not applied with us. These users have access to a small continent within the open world that they can build on and gather resources. This area regenerates on the first of every month.* - subject to change.

Members: Those that have registered for buildrights.
Grants access to everywhere on the map.

Applying is free, and access is free.

When the time comes, we'll be making a new Minecraft Forum thread. When this occurs, we'd appreciate it if you make conversation on it to help keep the server active on that list!

Rule changes:
Condensed and removed some unnecessary written rules.

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