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The Return of the SyroCraft Forums - Codewow - 05-31-2020

SyroCraft has always been a big part of my life, personally. The memories made over the many years are something I never want to give up. That is why, even if no one uses it, the forum is back! 

Note the changes to come:
Older threads that I feel should be "preserved" will be locked.
New threads are welcome!
I will be optimizing the forum for mobile displays as best I can. It's gonna take a while...
News and updates will be posted here for easier viewing (Discord isn't great for looking up old news)

SyroCraft, as you might know, is going to be growing a bit. Expanding is a better word. Not only will a Minecraft server exist, but now a Terraria one as well. And I am looking to expand further in the future.

Anyways, welcome back! I hope you enjoy the forums again, and if not, I hope you enjoy browsing memory lane.