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SyroCraftV3 - Changes, Additions, All the info! - Codewow - 02-17-2017

Most of you have already found out that SyroCraft has finally started a new world. World 3 now.

With this refresh comes some major changes as well as some neat additions.

Let's begin...


Survival is once again the main focus of the server.

/back no longer brings you back to your death location.
/fly is no longer a useable command for donors.
/sethome only allows 1 home, down from 25 for $15 donor.
/warps will now only take you to server-related locations. Spawn, SG lobby, event areas, and a few other exceptions.
We will not be adding warps to player towns. Traveling is heavily encouraged!
P.S. You can still get an unbreakable elytra via the wishing well, voting everyday, and expeditions!

/tpa is no longer useable. (Travel on foot!!!)

Ranks are now officially [M] (Member) and [NM] (Non-Member) This was started late on W2, but is not the official ranking system.
New ranks can be acquired by playtime.

(/syrotitle list locked) will show you all ranks and hovering over them will show your progress to that rank.

This also goes for titles which you can access the same way, using the page number at the end of the command.


Custom stats tracking!
Titles (Automatic updating/tracking for titles.)
Expedition:. A randomized adventure around the world that can reward a boss battle token and awesome custom items. (Way more useful than just renamed items!)
World Gen: The world generator has been tweaked to bring us a special unique map with amazing landscape features and views.
1.11.2 - Yes, we've updated to 1.11.2, which means firework rockets now propel elytra-flying players through the air as super sonic speeds!