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Syrocraft Update - Chaoswizard98 - 10-28-2016

Alright so it's been a long time since we had an update of any kind so... here we go!

The Halloween Event has been fully updated and is now live. You can get there by typing ./warp Halloween
You can also trick or treat around the world by using the ./trickortreat command.

Syrobucks Coffee and Paco's Tacos
The museum area of spawn was somewhat bare so we filled it in with two new builds. Syrobucks Coffee, and Paco's Tacos.
More info on that can be found here: and here

Church of Code
We have also constructed "The Church of Code" and invented the Codewowianism religion. Just be warned, if you pray to him, he might not answer for a few months... May his beard bless us all.

Wishing Well
The wishing well plugin has been updated. We can now add, remove, and change drops in game.
The wishing well now also supports multiple drop tables which can be made in game.

We also created another new plugin which brings "Expeditions" to the game.
Expeditions are essentially a form of randomly generated questing that take the players around the map to important areas that they may or may not know about. Just hear what some of our players have to say! "I didn't know spawn had a lighthouse... ~amcgan (Drum)" "Aubri is a player right? ~Furosity (Saul)" "I don't even know what that is! ~Codewow" Hurray for learning stuff!

To start an expedition, you'll need an expedition start item which drops from the Wishing Well, Voting, and killing Vandred in the Valdrfjell Crypt. If you right click with said item, it will randomly choose a task from a list of possible tasks based on the difficulty of the expedition. An example of a task would be "Visit Historian Minas at the Digsite" or "Toss a diamond in the wishing well." After you complete a task, it will randomly choose another, and the more you complete, the more likely you are to complete the expedition and receive a reward.

More to come! Code needs to wake up first...