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1.11 (The Exploration Update) News - Chaoswizard98 - 09-26-2016

Minecon wrapped up yesterday so here's a rundown of the new stuff for 1.11 (The Exploration Update)

Curse enchantments:
Curse of Binding:
- When an item is equipped, you can't remove it until it's durability breaks it.
Curse of Vanishing:
- When you die with the item in your inventory, the item disappears.

Observer Block:
- Ported from Pocket Edition
- Used for BUD updates for redstone contraptions
- Old BUD switches still work.

Portal to escape the End:
- Randomly generated portals that take you back to the center island to leave the End Dimension

Shulker Shell:
- Used to make Shulker Box

Shulker Box:
- Portable storage
- Items do not fall out when broken and remain when the item is placed again.

Cartographer Villager (used to be the Librarian):
- Sells map related items
- Sells a woodland and water treasure maps

Treasure Map:
- Shows point of interest locations on a map for players to go looking for.
- Small dot means you are very far away from the location.

Location command:
- Creative/Cheat command to locate structures such as EndCities or Pyramids.

Woodland Mansion:
- Randomly generated rare structure in a woodland biome
- Considered an overworld dungeon.
- Contains new hostile mobs: Evoker, Vindicator, Vex.

- Mansion dweller with an axe.

- Mansion dweller with magical powers
- Summons imp-like creatures: Vexus
- Fang spell raises spikes out of the floor to damage attackers

- Flying imp-like creatures that damage attackers.

Totem of Undying:
- Prevents death from a killing blow.
- Provides short duration absorbtion.
- Provides short duration regeneration.

- Yeah... Llamas from Jeb_'s tweet.
- They can be "swagged out" with carpet.
- Ridable
- Similar to Donkeys can have chests.
- Will automatically create a caravan of Llamas if being led by a rope.
- Will scare away wolves by spitting at them.

Snapshot to release Wednesday, September 28th.

Other things mentioned in general.

Birds are "Long Overdue"
Constellations are planned eventually since stars currently are generated randomly.
Turtles coming "When I figure out what they drop and what its use will be" Mentioned shields / armor as examples, but hinted towards probably not.
PvP / Combat still going to be tweaked. They may revert it back, but they really don't want to.
They don't have any "survival only, creative only, mob only, ect" updates planned. Instead they will add a small amount of everything each update.
New animals will come over time because "we want to give each animal its own unique behavior."

RE: 1.11 (The Exploration Update) News - Codewow - 09-26-2016

I want to see some more magic related items like the Totem of Undying.

There should be some similar totems that you can place on the ground, it does whatever it does, like increase strength in a radius, then after X amount of time it drops into item form and like EXP orbs slowly is attracted back to the player. It comes with X amount of uses so it's not super OP. It should also do something different than potions do to make them not worthless.