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  Christmas Event is Live! (And more)
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 12-23-2015, 04:06 PM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Alright so the Christmas event is now live! Type ./warp Christmas to get there.
If you haven't already played last year's event, you have the option to do so. This year's event you'll be making presents! Revisit the frost elf dungeon and farm for Holiday Joy and Frostie Charms in order to purchase rares and make presents. Making presents will yield a random reward based on the type you decide to make. There is also a rare table chance as well! Making presents will give you a type of "Currency" which can be used to upgrade last year's event items to make them unbreakable. You can also use the currency to purchase high end degradable gear as well! Should the server total reach 250k total presents delivered, everyone will be able to claim "The Savior of Christmas" title.

Some notable items:
Frostbitten Scimitar: aka "best sword in the game"
Midnight Set: "Better than the Halloween nightmare set"
Frozen Battle Set: "Probably the best unbreakable set at current time"

Oh and for those people who really want something rare... If you make the godly present (requiring 4 nether stars) you get a free Frostbitten Scimitar, A 100% guarantee on the rare drop table, 10k Christmas currency, and "The Frozen Blade" title.


Next notable change is the titles plugin. Simply put, it makes it so you can change between any unlocked titles at any time by typing ./syrotitle
You can change your prefix, suffix, remove them, and change their colors.


Anti-clutter region cleanup:
I removed a few abandoned builds in the anti-clutter region (the larger area around spawn) and overall just started detailing it.

Notable changes:
More roads and bridges around the FV area.
The FV river actually goes through now.
Mega-upgrade to the dig site.
4 Custom "biomes" and some custom trees sprinkled around as well.

Explore a bit and let me know what you think!

  1.9, World Event, Tartarus Raid, Christmas and more!
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 11-29-2015, 06:06 PM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Alright lots of stuff coming up so brace yourselves!

Okay so 1.9 is officially "feature complete" which means all that's left is balancing and bug fixing. I'm not sure how long until we can officially move to 1.9 however If I had to guess it would be a few months after the initial 1.9 release. 1.9 changes a ton of core code so I'm sure it will take a while just like moving from 1.6 to 1.7.

World Event and Tartarus Raid
Before we move to 1.9 which is going to cause us to completely re-balance our dungeons, we'll be releasing the world event and the Tartarus raid. I don't have an ETA for it yet, but I'm thinking it will come early summer (May) or possibly sooner. The world event leads up to the Tartarus raid so it should be quite fun! I will have more info on this when we get closer to release.

Christmas Event
As always, last year's event will be re-playable. This year's event will be slightly more lighthearted than last years event however I will have more details soon. The event will likely release 1-2 weeks before Christmas.

Buildathon II
So everyone seemed to have loved the first Buildathon, and many of you have been asking to do a second one so I have one planned out. I don't know when this will happen, but most likely it will take place over a major holiday break or summer. (whenever people are on!) I have a general idea on the theme though it isn't finalized yet, but it should be rather quick and fun to build. I will be prepping the area in my free time readying it for the event!

Regarding the clutter around spawn
In short, new players can no longer build in a radius outside of spawn (approximately, it goes from the mushroom biome to valdy) due to the area getting too cluttered. If you would like to be able to build there (or if I forgot to add you to the list!), let me know and I'll add you to the list. Anyone who has built there before (or interacted with the area) will still be able to do so.


  1.9 Dungeon System Re-Work
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 11-29-2015, 05:06 PM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Since 1.9 was revealed to be the Combat Update, I figured our dungeons would probably have to be altered in some way shape or form. This is the main reason why Tartarus and the desert dungeon have not been finished yet. I was waiting for 1.9 to be feature complete so I could better estimate the difficulty levels of the dungeons in regards to 1.9. Even prior to 1.9 while working on Tartarus, I figured out that our current dungeon gear was not up to par at higher levels. Although Tier 5 granted you a total of 100 health, regenerating during or after a fight was pretty unbearable.

Fortunately and Unfortunately, 1.9 changed combat quite significantly.

Probably the most important change is swing speed. You can no longer spam click a horde of zombies to death. Because of this, you just cant blitz tank boss fights anymore and even normal overworld mobs become much more difficult. Armor, protection, damage enchants, potions, golden apples, ect. have all been nerfed as well. All of this, will probably make the valdy crypt very difficult if left as it is lol.

The difficulty change in my opinion is very good. It doesn't make the game insanely difficult as it was back in alpha, but it does make survival much more difficult! Because of this, I no longer have to give bosses 5k+ health, and insanely high attack damage to be a hard fight. Although I will still use mechanics ect for certain fights, 1.9 shrinks the difficulty gap between normal, heroic, ect. which makes my life way easier. Now things can slowly scale up in the overworld and in dungeons. Even regional difficulty will become challenging.

All in all, difficulty goes up and the amount of teamwork, gear choice, ect. will be much more important in 1.9 and this is why I'm so hyped for it. If normal mobs become hard, what will dungeon runs be like!?

Anyways onto the plan for the future of dungeons (subject to change as we test / balance further for 1.9)

First off, because the 100 hp total of the current dungeon gear is hell to regenerate, I'm limiting armor to a cap of +20 (one extra full bar of HP)
Second, because 1.9 gives us so many different combat styles due to attack speeds, ect. I've decided to add more "classes" of dungeon gear. Light, Medium and Heavy.

All 3 sets have the same stats at each level however, medium and heavy (while providing more armor bonus) decrease your movement speed.
Each of the 3 sets will have 5 tiers and 5 enhancements per tier. Each enhancement increases its armor value and each Tier increases your max HP. There will also be "special" gear which cannot be leveled up as the base dungeon gear sets can. These are considered hybrid type gear which can give you different buffs such as increased attack damage, knockback resistance, speed boost, ect. All dungeon sets will be "unbreakable" so you wont have to worry about them breaking. I do have a few much higher tiered "degradable" sets planned. But those will come much later.

So... How do we get this new gear?

All custom mobs will have a chance to drop some form of tangible "currency" which can be converted to in game cash much like the valdy sewers. Drop chances and amounts will of course have to be balanced to prevent inflation, but that shouldn't be a problem. Mobs will also have a chance to drop "upgrade gems" of 10 different tiers which will be used to upgrade the gear sets above. To craft / upgrade gear will take an amount of upgrade gems of a certain tier, in game cash (anti-inflation), and sometimes other materials depending on what you're upgrading / making.

Now for the final thing. The Adventurer's Guild. (or something like that, I don't have a name for it yet, give me suggestions if you think of a better term)
Anyways, the guild is a planned addition to the spawn area. You'll be able to turn in bounties, cash in your "Guilder Coins" for in game cash, and a bunch of other stuff which I'm too lazy to type atm. (Storywise, they set out to slay monsters and solve problems like most adventurers do. The Guild is just a global meeting place for them which is created due to the happenings of our next world event) Nonetheless, they rank you based on how good of an adventurer you are.

Completing dungeons, killing mobs, participating in events, possibly discovering towns / other areas on the map for the first time, ect. will all increase your "Guild Rank" by a certain amount. For example. You might need 20000 points to get to the next level. Killing mobs might give you 1 point each, running valdy might give you 1k each run and running Tartarus might give you 5k each run. Once you hit 20k, you will gain a level. New GR levels will allow you to purchase / upgrade gear as well as things useful to survival mode and building as well!

Overall, this should give people something to do / work towards other than building stuff. I've thought long and hard about how to fix our current system and how to make it less confusing and more entertaining. This is what I came up with so let me know if you agree / disagree!

Thoughts, questions, comments, suggestions? List them below!


  Syrocraft 3 (1.9) ideas revised!
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 11-28-2015, 09:12 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (5)

Sort of a revival / revised version of an earlier topic. What would you like to see when 1.9 arrives?

1.9 The Combat Update is bringing us a completely different way of playing minecraft in terms of combat. Click spam is no longer a thing as weapons have different attack speeds. Thus, it is much harder to kill a horde of 100s of zombies. Armor is getting a nerf as well. Aside from dropping the protection level of diamond armor from 80% to 66%, the more damage dealt to you, the less your armor protects you from it.

We are also introduced to attack speeds, special attacks, shields, potion arrows, ect. Swords now have a "sweep" attack which damages the mob you hit, but also knocks back any other mob close to you. Axes have a very slow attack speed however, they can deal high amounts of damage and temporarily disable shields. Shields can be used to block a great deal of melee damage and they can block 100% of arrow damage. They however, cannot protect against potion arrows. Potion arrows have only a very small duration and are very hard to get which balances out their incredible range.

Finally we have the end. The enderdragon fight has been re-mastered, made harder, and the dragon can be re-spawned in survival. Killing the dragon allows you to further explore the end leading to the new end cities. The end cities have over average dungeon loot and they also have a rare chance to contain the new elytra. A hang glider of sorts.

From a past discussion thread I asked a few questions

Do we keep or remove fly?
Do we allow open world pvp?
Do we re-enable drop on death? (You lose items when you die)
Would you like to see more overworld areas? (dungeons, fancy biomes, ect)

Regarding ./fly

Many people are 50/50 on this. Some people want to remove it, others find it essential for building and would like to keep it. Because of the massive split, I'd like to suggest a few more middle ground ideas in terms of ./fly.

1. Remove the fly perk completely.
2. Remove fly for the "wilderness" but keep it enabled for spawn, towns, ect.
3. Remove fly for the "wilderness" but keep it enabled for spawn, towns, ect. And provide those with the fly perk with an unbreakable elytra (hang glider) for overworld use.
4. Keep fly entirely.
5. Other (explain below!)

Regarding open world pvp. (you can pvp anywhere in the world)

Unanimous, everyone wants this, as long as there are "safe zones."
Spawn, towns (should the town owner choose), event areas, dungeons, ect will have pvp disabled.

The main concerns here are trolling people, spawn killing ect. However I think that if safe zones are added and it is policed right, it shouldn't be a problem. Our players are typically very friendly anyways so most of the time this wouldn't even be an issue.

Regarding Drop on Death

Again, this is split 50/50. Some want it, others don't. So have more options!
Note: spawn and any event / dungeon area will be safe no matter what.

1. You drop items when you die everywhere.
2. You drop items when you die everywhere however, towns (should the town owner choose) will be safe.
3. Same as above however certain monuments might hold "magical" properties and protect people from death in a larger radius... (in English, certain larger regions of land would be considered "safe")
4. You don't drop items when you die.
5. Other (let me know below!)

Overworld areas?

Unanimous "yes"

Certain areas on the map (starting at spawn and working our way outward as the world develops) we will be adding custom biomes or other fun explorable areas. They may or may not have a use. Some might spawn harder mobs (which in 1.9, will actually be challenging) while others are simply for looks. This will help to provide "borders" to towns and other people's builds so that the map doesn't become "cluttered" and retains its nice natural look.

Other stuff I've been working on.

Titles will be automated. You will be able to change to any of your unlocked titles at any time via ./syrotitle setprefix <title> [color]. The same goes for suffixes.
The plugin is almost done. It will probably be finished by Christmas break.

Town Ranks re-work
Town ranks will also be automated via plugin. Basically I'm working on a way for town owners to add / remove members from their town (allowing or disallowing people to build there) and they will be able to enable / disable any perks that they have (based on town rank). Perks are more useful this time around and 'passive'. Some are listed below. Again these can be enabled or disabled at any time by the town owner. Please give me your thoughts on this!

Welcome / Farewell messages
Hunger regen
Health regen
Town Warp

Finally 1.9 pretty much kills our current form of dungeons. As such, I've been re-working the dungeon rewards, playtesting in 1.9 ect. trying to find that perfect balance. I think I have a pretty solid system now but I'll have to wait for 1.9 to finalize it. Nonetheless, I'm very happy with the way it's turning out! 1.9 gives us some fun new features to play with as well!


Please give us your thoughts, opinions, suggestions and concerns on anything listed here! Even if there isn't something listed here that you'd love to see added to syro, let us know!

  When should the next Buildathon be?
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 11-09-2015, 01:43 AM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Title says it all! I have a location and a theme planned out for the next Buildathon event. I\'m just curious when everyone is available to participate!
Let me know either in this thread or in game!


  If you had Magic what would it be
Posted by: gorbert - 11-02-2015, 01:23 PM - Forum: Off Topic! - Replies (1)

Ok so Since i have been watching FairyTail lately i was wondering what magic yall would have, feel free to think out side the box the link below shows the different magics in the show, but feel free to make your own. Also in the show magic comes from the soul so make sure you have a reason why you chose that magic, no \"because its cool\".


  random crap from the world (this stuff is kinda funny)
Posted by: gorbert - 10-21-2015, 12:26 AM - Forum: Off Topic! - Replies (1)

so basically me and Eric have worked on some school projects that im going to post on here, we also worked on a video with chaos and code so when that is done it will be on here too. the first ones really long but still rushed at the end :/ oh well

oh and the thread should be random crap from the real life world

Twisted Dream
\\\\\\\"Where the fuck are we?\\\\\\\" asked a girl in a blue tightly fitted dress, barely standing on the swaying deck of an enormous ship.

\\\\\\\"Is this some kind of prank?\\\\\\\" asked a tall handsome boy with black hair and deep blue eyes.

\\\\\\\"Who the fuck are you?\\\\\\\" asked the girl in the blue dress.

\\\\\\\"I could ask you the same question. Do you have something to do with this?\\\\\\\" he asked as he looked up at the billowing white sails.

\\\\\\\"Well, well, well, what do we have here?\\\\\\\" asked an older man as he gazed at the girl in the blue dress. \\\\\\\"You\\\\\\\'re a fine sight aren\\\\\\\'t you.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"Ew you\\\\\\\'re old enough to be my fucking dad. Get away from me.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"Hey calm down I was just joking. And how was I supposed to know how old you are.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"You couldn\\\\\\\'t tell that she was like 30 years younger than you? Come here darling stay away from that man\\\\\\\" said a 30-ish year old woman standing near the captain\\\\\\\'s cabin in the bow of the ship.

\\\\\\\"Um anyone want to help me down? I mean I\\\\\\\'m alright with hanging here all day but there is a rope up my ass giving me the wedgy of a century.\\\\\\\" Said a woman hanging from the rigging going along the central mast. \\\\\\\"Unfortunately this isn\\\\\\\'t the first time i\\\\\\\'ve woken up this way. Although most of the time I don\\\\\\\'t have an audience.\\\\\\\"

The tall boy went up to the woman and untangled her from the rigging. Unfortunately he wasn\\\\\\\'t able to catch her as she came falling to the deck with a thud.

\\\\\\\"Thanks hun that was getting a bit uncomfortable. My name is Wendy, nice to meet ya\\\\\\\".

\\\\\\\"Hey I\\\\\\\'m Bill. Do you know where the heck we are?\\\\\\\" He asked as he shook hands with her.

\\\\\\\"No clue\\\\\\\" the woman replied as she walked over to the young girl in the blue dress and the lady standing next to her.

\\\\\\\"As you probably heard my name is Wendy, seeing as we are all here and don\\\\\\\'t know where we are we may aswell know each other\\\\\\\'s names\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"My name is Samantha, and I\\\\\\\'-\\\\\\\" Samanthas face suddenly turned a greenish hue as she scurried over to the railing and proceeded to throw up over the railing of the ship.

\\\\\\\"She apparently was partying too hard last night.\\\\\\\" Said the lady standing next to her. \\\\\\\"My name is Angie. Nice to meet you\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"I wish I was at that party\\\\\\\" said the older man as he sauntered over to the ladies. \\\\\\\"Might have-\\\\\\\" he started before Angie interrupted him with a prompt slap to the face.

\\\\\\\"Hey perv what\\\\\\\'s your name?\\\\\\\" Asked Wendy.

\\\\\\\"My name is Jenkins\\\\\\\" he said as he rubbed the spot where he was slapped.

\\\\\\\"Alright old man Jenkins you have any idea where we are?\\\\\\\" Asked Bill as he walked over to the group.

\\\\\\\"I\\\\\\\'m not that ol-\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"Finally everyone is awake!\\\\\\\" Came a sudden shout from behind them. They all turned to look towards the stern of the ship. Behind the wheel stood a short stocky man in pirate clothes with a captains hat. He also had what appeared to be a fake parrot on his shoulder.

“Who are you?” asked Bill.

“I am Wolfgang! But if you prefer you can just call me captain!” He replied in his stentorious voice. “I have brought you aboard this ship today to-”

The sound of a cannon drowns out what Wolfgang was about to say. The cannon ball smashes into the side of the boat with a jarring impact.

“What the hell was that?” Wendy asked.

“That my good friends was why I brought you here. I have spent some of my fortune on this boat and several other things that you will see along the way. Have fun on your adventure!” Said Wolfgang. He then clapped his hands together and disappeared.

Just as he disappeared another cannonball slammed into the side of the ship leaving a gaping hole in the hull. The ship started to keel over and began taking on massive amounts of water. The ship attacking them was painted all black, from its hull to its sails. The only other colour on it was the white skull and crossbones on the flag it was flying.

“This does not lo-” Began old man Jenkins before yet another cannonball interrupted his sentence.

“No shit Sherlock. We are stuck on a sinking ship in the middle of nowhere being attacked by pirates. I wonder what would make you think that this wasn’t the best situation.” Replied Wendy, her words dripping with sarcasm.

The black ship turned towards them, displaying the impressive ram on the prow of their ship. It slowly began to speed towards them and before anyone could do anything it smashed into the starboard port. Everyone fell to the deck from the shock of the impact.

“Ahoy there ye poxed faced landlubbers!” Said a very old lady standing on the prow of the pirate ship. “Seein\\\\\\\' as ye ship be sinkin\\\\\\\' we take ye as our slaves”

She jumped nimbly down from the ship and onto the deck of the sinking ship with a sabre in one hand and a bottle of brown liquid in the other.

“Get below here ye fuckin\\\\\\\' lazy excuses fer band \\\\\\\'o pirates. We have slaves to be collectin’” She shouted back up to the ship. “\\\\\\\'n don\\\\\\\'t forget th\\\\\\\' ropes!”

A man and a woman promptly jumped over the railing. Both of them holding ropes in their hands with menacing sabers at their sides.

“Alice get th’ women folk ‘n Johnny-boy get th’ men” Shouted the old lady.

Alice on John proceeded to hogtie the unfortunate people on the boat. While they were doing that the old lady explained who they were.

“Me moniker be Grandma, ‘n these be me associates, Mr Williamson n’ his sister Miss Williamson. Mr. Williamson be lookin’ fer a woman currently. Any takers? Didn’t think so. ‘n Miss Williamson here be currently unemployed.” Grandma raised her hand to her mouth to imitate a whisper. “I don’t actually pay her anythin’, but she don\\\\\\\'t need to be knowin’ that”

After Alice and John finished hog tieing the group of passengers they threw them one by one onto the deck of the pirate ship. Impressively Grandma was able to throw Bill up all by herself, while Alice and John could barely throw Sammantha up together. A little girl popped her head over the railing of the pirate ship.

“Avast, thar Grandma I rekon ye missed a guy below yonder.” She said as she pointed to a bunch of barrels in the back of the sinking ship.

“Yes I see him too dear sister. Grandmother he is hiding in the barrel closest to you.” Said another girl slightly younger than the other girl. “It appears this one is a stowaway.”

“Didn’t we teach ye to speak like a pirate not some land lovin…” Grandma grumbled as she went to check the barrels.

Grandma reached into the barrel and single handedly dragged out a scrawny boy who had a terrified look on his face. He looked around with his big frightened eyes at the scene before him. He then promptly fainted.
“Pathetic land lubber.” Grandma said as she threw the boy onto the deck of the pirate ship. She then leaped back up with Alice and John following closely behind.

The crew of the pirate ship disentangled their boat from the sinking corpse of the other sailboat and set sail.

“What. The Fuck. Just ha-” began Old Man Jenkins before he was interrupted by an atrocious sound.

“Oh, blow the man down bullies, blow the man down! To me way-aye, blow the man down. Oh, Blo-” Sang a tall young woman. Although very poorly.

“Shut ye trap!” Shouted Grandma. “What did i be tellin’ ye ‘bout singin’ Francesca? We don’t want our prisoners goin’ deaf before we get to whar we be headed.”

The two young girls snickered, but quickly stopped when Grandma turned on them.

“Don’t ye be laughin’. I’ve heard enough of yer singin’ to know it ain’t great either. Now get back to yer jobs!”

The two girls ran back to the helm and manned the wheel. Francesca began shouting orders to Alice and John and the ship began to slowly pick up speed.

“Where the hell are we going?” Asked Sammantha, her blue dress now ripped in several places.

“Don’t ye worry your pretty little face ‘bout that lass.” answered Grandma in a sinister tone.

After half a day of sailing an island slowly began to grow on the horizon. As they got closer and closer the prisoners began to get more and more uneasy about what awaited them on the island. A few hours later they had docked in a small cove on the edge of the jungle.

“Get up! We be walkin’ the rest of the way.” Ordered Grandma.

The prisoners jumped off the ship one by one to the pure white sand below. They then proceeded to follow Grandma and her crew of pirates through a path in the jungle. As they walked they could start to faintly pick out the sound of beating drums amongst the sound of the insects. As they neared their destination the scent of burning wood filled the air. The sound of droning voices left the prisoners quaking in their shoes.

“What is that?” asked Angie.

“Those be yer new owners” replied Alice.

“Oh joy. I wonder if they are gonna skin us before they cook us, or are the just gonna cook us as is. You never really know with these people.” said Wendy.

It soon became clear to them that they were approaching a temple of sorts. Finally the path broke into a clearing in the jungle and what they saw made them equally confused and scared. There were hundreds of people. All of them were bowing down together before the steps of a huge temple, the kind that you see in textbooks when you read about the Maya. At the top of the steps was the most puzzling sight. There were 4 men carrying a litter between them. On it sat a 4 month old baby. For some reason it was speaking…

“Yes. YES! Bow down to me puny humans! I am your one true leader! WORSHIP ME!” the baby shouted. He began laughing maniacally and everything started to fade…

A baby laid in his crib. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. He was smiling, but not in the way a baby smiles. It was a sinisters smile.

  Buildrights application
Posted by: ArcturusNuva - 10-09-2015, 10:50 PM - Forum: Rank Up Applications - Replies (2)

Q: What is your in-game-name?
A: ArcturusNuva
Q: How old are you? (Optional, leave blank if you\'d rather not answer)
A: 17
Q: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
A: 2 years now (I used to play on my bros account.)
Q: What do you like to do on Multiplayer?
A: I like the way you can play, help, and build with others.
Q: What are your other interests?
A: Parkour IRL XD, biking, swimming, and football. Smile
Q: How did you find this server? Did someone invite you? If so, who?
A: I found this server on one of the top server listings on the web.
Q: Have you read and understood the rules?
A: Indeed I have.

  Halloween Event (2015)
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 09-24-2015, 07:35 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (7)

This year\'s Halloween event is live! The event will continue for a few weeks. So far we don\'t have a designated end date yet. Estimating 1-2 weeks after Halloween.

-Ability to play the 2014 event if you couldn\'t participate last year.
-New ./trickortreat commands which allow you to steal obtain tons of goodies throughout the map!
-Ability to reset your trick or treat progress (via Heroic mode boss farming)
-Ability to obtain rare drop table items from the Heroic mode bosses
-Ability to obtain \"head\" drops from the heroic mode bosses (Everyone who has played past events will probably want these)
-All new 100% randomized drop table and rare drop table for trick or treating! You never know what you\'ll get!

Important Dates:
Halloween weekend (Friday 4pm - Monday 4pm server time) you will have an increased chance to get onto the rare drop table via trick or treating!

Loot Notes:
All post event bosses have a 100% chance to drop a trick or treating reset token.
Bosses drop all pieces of the nightmare and night terror sets. (1% droprate)
Bosses drop their heads! (1% droprate)
You have a 2.7% chance to get onto the rare drop table when trick or treating!

I hope you guys enjoy this event!
Happy Hallows End!

  Chaos Beats Survival Mode
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 09-24-2015, 07:30 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (6)

So I just started a massive medieval city in survival mode. The goal is to make a few short videos showing my progress and my thought process when designing, building, and running a town with the sole intent of its survival mode use, for players to live there.

The start of this project (the planning, terraforming and layout stage) will be private. After I finish laying out the place, I\'ll open it up to those of you who want to help me build / live in the town.

The town is now public!

Town Name: Falconrest
Current Town Rank: 0
Can Apply for Rank: 9
Needed for next rank: 10 citizens (2 more to go!)

Citizens: 8

Buildings List (strikethrough means completed)
Town Hall
Inn #1
Inn #2
Animal Storage (docks)
Fisherman\'s hut
Captains Quarters
Dockworker\'s hut
Guild Hall
Lumber Yard
Farmland Stuff
Church / cemetery
Mayor\'s house

Shop List
Textiles / dyes
General Store
Fishing Supplies
Food Store
Bloom\'s Bakery
Gorb\'s Rares

Unclaimed Shop Plots (including those listed above): 10
Unclaimed House Plots: 7