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  Map concept thread
Posted by: Codewow - 05-05-2016, 01:04 AM - Forum: Development - Replies (1)

For every map concept I create I will upload the image here, note why I chose this concept, etc.

Starting out with this one. 3 continents. Similar to World of Warcraft, two continents side-by-side. The third one being below it. The two side-by-side continents consist of "regions" The number of regions aren't equal in this case, simply because i'm just generating ideas.

The lower continent is one large region. My idea is to use this as a large god-like area. Where two or three factions (non-player factions) control the lands and players are eventually (at max level) set out to defeat these factions whom are hell bent on destroying everyone.

The area would contain raids, dungeons, and all the usually MMO related stuff. A single neutral city where both player-factions can go to do business, and other things. This will be where the first quest in the continent would be obtained. Branching out from here into smaller camps and forts spread throughout the region.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  I want to bring this back, but it's hard to do alone.
Posted by: Codewow - 05-05-2016, 12:41 AM - Forum: Development - No Replies

This idea is a huge one. One that without many collaborators would take years to complete. Plus lots of money to buy custom plugins. Though, I think it can still be done. I think i'll spend about an hour a day trying to come up with some map concepts. (Extremely basic concepts, no names, or "biomes". Just layout stuff.

  Flames of Tartarus Event Recipes
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 05-01-2016, 05:32 PM - Forum: Events and Dungeons - No Replies

The recipes for the Flames of Tartarus World Event!

  The Flames of Tartarus (World Event!)
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 04-23-2016, 07:25 PM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Join us Friday April 29th, for the beginning of an epic 3 part world event, The Flames of Tartarus!

It seems that the nether isn't a barren wasteland of fire as we seemed to think...
Someone by the name of 'Helix' is after something in the heart of our beloved spawn city...
Who is he and what could he be after?
And what could await the players as they venture to the depths of Tartarus...

This event will likely take 1-3 weeks to complete depending on the skills and efforts of the players (That means you!).
This event is both the end and the beginning. It will bring a massive change to the world which we call Syro...

We hope to see everyone there!

  Re:Re:SyroCraft 3 - 1.9 Overhaul
Posted by: Codewow - 04-22-2016, 12:46 AM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Drop on Death:
On everywhere, except protected towns, event areas, and Spawn. Dungeons are a case by case basis.

Will be removed and replaced with an (unbreakable) elytra. Potentially obtainable in-game from an encounter.

Wishing Well: Include more and different items, more useful, with possible unbreakable elytra drop.

Town Ranks gone.
Town perks, almost all gone.
Towns will still receive a town warp, town protection from pvp, Drop on Death, and mob spawning - all optional.

Recommend Town Qualifications: 3 - 5 Buildings, A meeting area (town hall, town center kind of thing), and a warp area (where users would /warp into which players will unlock by visiting the town and manually clicking a button to unlock them.)

Open World PvP:
On everywhere, except protected areas. (Drop on Death still active)
Exceptions: Certain PvP areas.

Removing numbered ranks - used specifically for prestige.
New ranks added: [NM] Non-member & [M] Member.
Member rank gives all perks with these exceptions -
Being removed:

  1. /thru
  2. /asc & /desc
  3. /fly
  4. Global Shop discount.
  5. Max Homes (Being reduced, will now cap out at 5-10)

Difference between Member and Non-member:
Non-members are users that have not registered and have not applied with us. These users have access to a small continent within the open world that they can build on and gather resources. This area regenerates on the first of every month.* - subject to change.

Members: Those that have registered for buildrights.
Grants access to everywhere on the map.

Applying is free, and access is free.

When the time comes, we'll be making a new Minecraft Forum thread. When this occurs, we'd appreciate it if you make conversation on it to help keep the server active on that list!

Rule changes:
Condensed and removed some unnecessary written rules.

  Syrocraft's Birthday
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 04-06-2016, 01:41 AM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Syro's birthday is this weekend! (april 10th) We hope to see you all there!
(Oh and we have beer)

I'll be putting a video together of all our best syro moments!
If you have any favorite moments, quotes, screenshots, ect. Send them to me!

  Majestic_Nexus rank 2 app
Posted by: Majestic Nexus - 03-23-2016, 11:42 PM - Forum: Rank Up Applications - Replies (1)

Q: What is your in-game-name?
A: Majestic_Nexus
Q: What rank are you going for?
A: 2
Q: What is your current rank?
A: 1
Q: What have you done, as your current rank, to deserve the next one?
A: I have built an underground house, a nice-ish modern-ish house, and made many friends on this server

  Easter Event Info
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 03-22-2016, 05:05 PM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Just a small event for spring break.
Have fun claiming and upgrading the Easter Blade!

To get to the event, follow the road south west of spawn. The area is marked on the map with a star symbol.

Killing 'Spring Rabbits' yields a 10% chance to drop an easter egg.
Killing the rare 'Golden Rabbits' yields a 100% chance to obtain a lucky rabbits foot.
You can place these items in the chest under the tent and push the 'merge' button to receive and upgrade your Easter Blade.

The recipes to obtain and upgrade the blade are ordered below.

  SyroCraft 3 - 1.9 Overhaul
Posted by: Codewow - 03-07-2016, 05:12 AM - Forum: Archive - Replies (3)

1.9 has officially released and that means we look towards the future for SyroCraft.

1.9 adds some key features that we must take note of.

First of all is combat changes:

The Attack Strength mechanic has been added in which causes timed attacks to deal more damage than simply spamming attacks.

Armor defense has been rebalanced due to the attack strength change. As of posting, iron and diamond are essentially the same. Minus the durability.
These two changes are major game-breakers when it comes to our custom content. Our custom mobs have been optimized for 1.8 damage values which means in 1.9 they will be 100x, possibly even 1000x more difficult.

In regards to the combat changes, the values will be re-optimized for the new update. Until they are, good luck fighting them!

Secondly, Rank changes:

We're looking into a complete overhaul of ranks.
Essentially removing them from the server almost entirely. (except [Mod], [Admin], and [Elite] of course.
Of course, we would like feedback on this idea, so let us know what you think!

What the rank removal would mean:

You gain access to all of the commands that are not being removed in each rank.
(/fly is being removed officially in 1.9 - more info on this below)
The other commands we are discussing.

We're looking into ways to maintain interest in progressing and playing the game, because we know how some people enjoyed working for ranks.
We have the idea to do more titles earned from in-game work. More info on this closer to 1.9's server launch.

Why is /fly being removed?

Fly, from the start, was overpowered. Especially for a survival server. We began to notice that almost no-one was walking around and enjoying towns how they were meant to be enjoyed. Basically, fly made everyone bigger than their builds. Not only this, but it provided abuse for certain situations. Getting away from mobs, flying in SG, flying made building overly simple, and it causes issues with dungeons and raids. In 1.9 the End world would easily be abused as well.

Because of all of this, we've decided to remove it entirely. -- Admins and Mods and Elites will still have access, but are encouraged to remain grounded unless completely necessary. Chaos and Frog have put a lot of effort into creating some amazing content for all of us, so their use to continue creating such content is welcome.

As with every change, we want your opinions! Please let us know what you think below.

-- More coming soon --

Posted by: Fruity The Destroyer - 01-06-2016, 12:49 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (4)

I would like to know what/who the official Syrocraft mascot is.