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  Semisonic - Secret Smile
Posted by: Frogbasher - 06-24-2016, 11:20 PM - Forum: Off Topic! - Replies (4)

From 1998, an amazing song featuring none other than our very own Chaos in the music video...! Please watch and enjoy.


Great work Devin Big Grin

  Should we have creative plots?
Posted by: ObliviousGamer - 06-22-2016, 03:21 AM - Forum: Archive - Replies (4)

Chaos is a person, Code is a person, Gorb is not a person.

  Voice chat server: Discord
Posted by: Codewow - 06-20-2016, 09:30 PM - Forum: News/Info/FAQ - No Replies

We have a voice chat server on Discord now. Free to use as you want. Makes it easier to hop in and out at a whim.
You can even use it on your browser or with the mobile app.


  IIRoyalBloodII Rank 2 App
Posted by: IIRoyalBloodII - 06-19-2016, 05:10 PM - Forum: Rank Up Applications - Replies (1)

Q: What is your in-game-name?
A: IIRoyalBloodII
Q: What rank are you going for?
A: 2
Q: What is your current rank?
A: M
Q: What have you done, as your current rank, to deserve the next one?
A: I have become very well adapted to the server by: talking and associating with the staff and other members. I have also built a building in one of the towns (Code town) and have also actively played for three days.

  Is there anything we can do, in-game or off, to make the community more interesting?
Posted by: Codewow - 06-14-2016, 02:35 AM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Anything at all? What do you want to see. SyroCraft is more than just a Minecraft server. We are a community and we want to bring everyone together in more ways than one.

  Should we keep the Town Forums?
Posted by: Codewow - 06-10-2016, 02:07 AM - Forum: Archive - Replies (4)

Should we?

  Smallest Swamp?
Posted by: Frogbasher - 06-09-2016, 03:33 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (3)

Can anyone beat this for a naturally generated swamp?  Cool


  Minecraft Forums Update!
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 05-30-2016, 04:30 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (1)

Okay so we updated our MCF thread and made a server list for it as well. We would appreciate if you voted for us every day!

  Elytra Launcher
Posted by: Frogbasher - 05-15-2016, 10:23 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (2)

For our donors, you may just be thinking you have a rough deal with the removal of /fly, but...!

Flying was sooo last update and the new Elytra wings as a complimentary replacement for it will be more enjoyable to you all.

Which brings me onto this:


I saw this and thought this may be of benefit to all new owners of such wings. With the possiblity of a Y 500+ launch potential this looks like it is lots
of fun and could be easily incorporated into members bases or towns. (Without server or client side lag)

I look forward to trying it out myself too. Please embrace the changes in 1.9, they do make sense for the good of the game and our server. Angel



  1.9.2 is here!
Posted by: Codewow - 05-14-2016, 01:38 AM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Congratulations to Chaoswizard98, Frogbasher and everyone who helped us get to this point! We all know it was an excruciating wait, but we're proud to finally be on 1.9.2!

As you know(or are just finding out), a lot of things are changing.

/fly is gone. Donors will be compensated with an unbreakable elytra if they so desire.
Donation packages for ranks are now gone. We're still looking into the best way to help support the server.
Vouchers are nice, but they aren't self-sustaining.

/thru, /ascend, /descend have been removed as well.

Max home amounts have been lowered.

1 -10 Ranks are no longer present. We now go by a Non-member, Member ranking system. You can still rank up for your own reasons, but there are no perks to doing so. (Other than prestige and the titles)

Raids and dungeons broke with the update. We'll be repairing those slowly as time goes on. (School finals week is right now. Not a lot of time to work on things.)