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  Dungeon Info
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 04-11-2015, 08:31 PM - Forum: Events and Dungeons - No Replies

Okay, dungeons can be a bit overwhelming with all its features at first but you'll get used to it. There are several drop types that can be found in dungeons.
*note Not all features are fully functional yet.

Reagents are items that are used for creating custom potions and custom items. Their name will be in Teal and they will have a blue (Reagent) tag on them. Reagents are usually combined with other items to create something otherwise not obtainable in Minecraft.

Dungeon Tokens are the main currency of dungeons. There are several Tiers of this currency however at present time, only Normal is implemented. These Tokens can be used to purchase items via dungeon vendors, or to craft / upgrade items. The ability to convert tokens to in game cash may be added in the future.

Some recipes can be obtained as rare drops from certain dungeon mobs (usually bosses) or they can be purchased from dungeon vendors. Recipe books will tell you what items you need and what configuration to put them in.

Custom items can only be crafted via custom crafting stations. One can be found in the dungeon hub.

Occasionally you may find a custom item that is not a Recipe or Reagent. These are usually rare drops from bosses and are usually combined with Reagents and / or Tokens for a variety of uses.

  SG and Minigames Info
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 04-11-2015, 07:45 PM - Forum: News/Info/FAQ - No Replies

To get to our MiniGames lobby you can type ./warp lobby

Sometimes if you play SG it may wipe out your inventory. To be safe, you should clear your inventory before you play.
Our SG stats page can be found here!

To start a dungeon, grab some combat gear and head over to the dungeons area of the lobby. Choose a dungeon and push the warp button. In the start room, you can choose what difficulty you wish to play on (Currently only Normal) then push "Start Dungeon" to start the dungeon. As you progress in the dungeon, mobs will spawn. eventually you will reach a locked door of some kind. Killing the boss will yield a key that can be used to open the door and continue deeper in the dungeon.

Dungeons have custom drops which are used for a variety of things. More info can be found in the Dungeons sub thread.

Currently only Spleef.
To play spleef, set your bedspawn in the lobby and push the button. One person must be designated as player 1, the others choose a spawn point on the back wall.
When everyone is ready, player 1 pushes the "reset arena" button to reset the floor and then push the "start" button to start the match.

Coming Soon
Our 4th slot is coming soon.

  Valderfjell Crypt
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 04-11-2015, 06:20 PM - Forum: Events and Dungeons - Replies (3)

Use this thread to discuss strategies, guides, and drop-chances related to the Valdrfjell Crypt. Feel free to comment on it, ask questions, ect.

*Lore info: It is pronounced Valder-fell.
Valdr means wolf, and Fjell means mountain.
The town was named after the Viking's god Lok'Val who is often called "The Mountain Wolf"

The town's king was slain by Vandred Skyborne, the leader of 5 traitors who seized the city for themselves. After our heros (That's you, the players, and our other signature lore NPCs like Historian Minas) traveled to this continent in search of a new place to call home since world 1 suffered a cataclysmic disaster and was rendered un-livable, they teamed up with Captain Hrothgar, Frida the Herbalist, and Skraulti the Navigator to end the reign of the Traitorous 5. The Vikings became the heros first allies and the adventure in the new world had begun.

The bodies of the Traitorous 5 were left to rot in the back catacombs of the crypt to be forgotten...

  Why don't you play survival anymore? (Discussion) (Warp Poll)
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 03-19-2015, 10:49 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (6)

Do you guys want to keep the current travel system, (discover a town before you can warp there) or would you rather we scrap the idea and simply use the old ./warp system?

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below.

  Sorry - Codewow
Posted by: Codewow - 03-18-2015, 10:19 PM - Forum: Archive - No Replies

Sorry for the issues. I may know my computer stuff, but mistakes will always be made in some way! This time it was losing the database files because my backup didn't actually save the data. So like you noticed you had to sign up... AGAIN... and hopefully never again.. Right? Unless you forget your password and I'm too lazy to manually change it and your email is inaccessible. Tongue Actually I can still change it. So let me know.

  Apply for Rank Ups Here!
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 03-15-2015, 07:12 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (40)

Ranking up above Rank 1:

You fill out this form the same way you filled out your build-rights application.
You can either start a new thread within the "Build-rights and Rank Apps" section of the Syrocraft Forums on our website or you can reply to our Minecraft Forums thread with the same thing. Links below.

Syrocraft Forums:
1. Click on "Post Thread",
2. Title your Application accordingly "Playername Rank X App" or something similar. For example, "Chaoswizard98 Rank 3 App"
3. Copy paste the form below and tell me why you deserve to rank up.

Minecraft Forums:
Click reply, copy paste the form below and tell me why you deserve to rank up.

Q: What is your in-game-name?
Tell us about yourself!

Star Apply for Member status!
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 03-15-2015, 06:58 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (65)

Don't have a MinecraftForum.net account? Don't want to make a SyroCraft forum account? No worries, fill out this form instead!


If you have an MCF account, you can answer these questions on our thread found below. If not, make an account here on our forums and answer the question in a new post in this section OR on this post!

Minecraft Forums:

Q: What is your in-game-name?
Q: Tell us about yourself. (Hobbies, work, things you enjoy, anything!)

*Note If you tell an admin that you've posted your application, we can get to it faster. If we aren't online you can also type "/mail send chaoswizard98 I applied." in-game (without quotes) to send me a message if I'm not online at the time.*

Make sure you have logged into the server at least once so we can rank you up. If you don't, we get a "Player not found" message.

  Rank Information
Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 03-15-2015, 06:51 PM - Forum: Rank Up Applications - No Replies

[NM] Non-Members: Have access to a small area in which they are free to build and pvp in. Can apply for Member or can play for a while and earn the member rank.
[M] Member: Anyone who has applied for Member status. They get access to the entire world and all of it's fun.

[Elite] Is a rank for the veterans who have been a part of the SyroCraft community.
[Mod] Gains a variety of commands meant to police the server, including worldedit.
[Admin] Highest position on the server other than Owner. Basically runs the server when the Owner isn't available.
[Owner] Codewow, owner of SyroCraft.

Application to Join:

In-Game Name:
Tell us about yourself:
Tell us about your Minecraft Experience:
What about us stood out to you?:
What is your Minecraft skillset?:
Rate your building skill from 1-10:
What are the server rules?:

Add a screenshot of a build you are proud to have made (Optional):

Posted by: Chaoswizard98 - 03-15-2015, 06:39 PM - Forum: News/Info/FAQ - No Replies


Disclaimer: If you are a troll, griefer, rule-breaker, or you piss us off in any way, you will be quickly dealt with and subject to total server humiliation.

1. No hacking, cheating, griefing, or stealing. Including No anti-afk machines

2. Keep PvP in PvP specific areas.

3. No Superflatting terrain or floating platforms. This goes for both horizontal and vertical directions. Basically don't make the terrain look unnatural. This means no making floating platforms (including small beams holding them up) or leveling mountains.

4. Don't do stupid things because they aren't rules. We can still ban you for things not on the rules list.

This rules list is subject to change. Keep updated! Use common sense! If you don't know if it's acceptable, ask!

  The Roast of Codewow
Posted by: Codewow - 02-18-2015, 09:07 PM - Forum: Archive - Replies (9)

Codewow is a dunce sometimes and needs to be roasted. Bash away here without any negative repercussions!