Forum Announcement: The SyroCraft Forum's Future
For the longest time we've had these forums and for a while we used them. But over the long existence of our server and these forums the usage has dropped to near-zero levels.

That is why, in an undetermined amount of time, these forums will be closed and subsequently gotten rid of.

As technologies and software has advanced. New, cleanlier, and more advanced ways of communications pop up around the internet, the need for a forum dwindles.

So the plan going forward is to:

1. Create specific pages on for things like Expeditions, events, etc.
2. Remove the forums
3. Work with the community to utilize these newer and more modern forms of communication.
4. Continue serving and enjoying gaming with everyone.

Again, there is no set time frame for these changes to occur. It really depends on how much time I have to get those specific pages on the website running. And since my life is rather busy right now, the amount of time I have to work on such changes is minimal. Bare with us. We'll get through this.

~ Codewow