Semi-Survival RPG-like Minecraft Goodness.

Who are we?

We are a community-driven semi-vanilla survival server with RPG elements mixed into the fold. We've been playing together since the early days of the game. Our passion lay within the vanilla experience, and the company of other players while we continue to grow and shape the virtual world. There are plenty of different aspects to explore when you finish your survival experience. For example, custom boss fights, custom armors and weapons with special abilities. We also host various events throughout the year. Whether it be our server's birthday or a national holiday. There is almost always something going on in the server.

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SyroCraft Forum's Closing

Announcement | 2019-03-28

The Forums will be closing April 30th, 2019. All data will be deleted.

Website Under Construction

Announcement | 2018-03-13

The website is currently being remade. Please forgive us for any inconvenience this may cause. You may continue to use our forum as usual without disruption.

Happy Holidays!

News | 2016-12-25

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you had a good one.

Trick or Treat!

Announcement | 2016-10-02

October is here. Trick or Treating is back! Will you be tricked or will you get a treat?

Try your luck! /trickortreat info [number] /trickortreat list are the commands to find trick or treat locations!

SyroCraft: Now with Discord!

Announcement | 2016-06-21

We now have discord! Join for free! No registration required, (but it's a good idea!)

Download the mobile app, PC client, or just use your computer browser!

1.10 is here!

Announcement | 2016-06-17

Should have posted this earlier, totally forgot. But it's here and ready to play!

If we had a TeamSpeak server, would you download and use it to chat with other players? [Poll]

News | 2016-06-17

Answer this poll to give us an idea!

1.9.2 is here!

Announcement | 2016-05-13

We've made it! We're finally on 1.9!

1.9 is coming!

News | 2016-05-03

We're staying on World 2.

But A LOT is changing!

Server updated!

News | 2016-02-01

We've updated the server to 1.8.8 now! This update comes packed with a ton of fixes!

Where did all the posts go?

Announcement | 2016-01-12

I (Codewow) programmed the ability to post these stories on the fly if need be.

Yay! :D