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Elytra Launcher
For our donors, you may just be thinking you have a rough deal with the removal of /fly, but...!

Flying was sooo last update and the new Elytra wings as a complimentary replacement for it will be more enjoyable to you all.

Which brings me onto this:

I saw this and thought this may be of benefit to all new owners of such wings. With the possiblity of a Y 500+ launch potential this looks like it is lots
of fun and could be easily incorporated into members bases or towns. (Without server or client side lag)

I look forward to trying it out myself too. Please embrace the changes in 1.9, they do make sense for the good of the game and our server. Angel


Awesome! Wonder how far 500Y flight takes you without boosting again with other means.
Without boosting or even diving down then back up, you can get about 1-1.5k blocks away from spawn at a height of 182.

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