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Community Project Info and FAQ
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Although we had a lot of things we wanted to do for 1.7, we couldn’t really do all of them, and many of our ideas got permanently, or temporarily shelved. Because of this, we decided to come out with the Community Project.

This will be an ongoing project (it will never end) where we team up to build this massive settlement. Eventually as the area gets more developed, we will build things like PvP arenas, a massive Market area, and maybe a dungeon. Eventually you will also be able to set your default ./spawn point here.
This project is run by Chaoswizard98 and Frogbasher. Although you don’t necessarily have to be a good builder to build here, we do keep the area locked so griefers can’t take things from chests or grief the area. If you want permission to build here, let us know and we’ll add you.

*note* If you join the area, you don’t have to spend the rest of your MC playtime in the area. You can come and go as you wish.

1. Any resources you gather yourself are yours. You can sell them, use them anywhere else, or put them in the warehouse for use in the Community Project area. Any resources found in the warehouse may not be sold or used for anything but the Community Project area.

2. You can use materials found outside the region for the Community Project area.

3. Please return any tools found in the warehouse back where you found them before you log out.

4. Mine all ore with silk touch. We use the ore blocks for building.

5. You can build anything you want as long as you keep to the build style(s) of that area. If you need help building something, let us know and we’ll be happy to teach you!

6. You can build more than one thing and it doesn’t have to be a house.

7. Please re-plant trees / crops if you harvest them. Planting crops in alternating rows not only looks cooler but it makes them grow faster!

8. Don’t use iron / diamonds to make tools. Villagers sell them for a much better deal!

9. Try not to break tools, we’ll repair them!

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